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Warsaw Community Public Library  is much more than books - it is a family room, where parents and children can learn and grow together; a search engine that can answer your biggest questions; and a resource where you can discover and start a new chapter in your life. When you support the Library, you ensure that the region has access to quality services, making Warsaw one of the "most livable" cities.

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Jason & Julie Pogue Brick
Merri Bottoroff Platinum
Friends of the Library Platinum
Kosciusko County Community Foundation Platinum
Warsaw Noon Optimist Club Gold
Steve & Jill Beehler Gold
Joan Kizer Memorial (Merri Bottorff, Roger & Sandra Kunch, Henry & Sherry Zehr, Bill & Priscilla Wood, Burce & Jean Metzger, Jerry & Shirlee Clevenger, Sara Hawblitzel, Lila O'Connell & Friends, James Kizer, Robert Mayer, Kerri & Paul Christopher, Tony & Liz Frazzetta, Pamela Lowenthal, James & Ann White, Villas at Tigers Retreat, Patricia Vanrie, Joseph Catanzarite, Deb Satterley, Patricia Dufort, Don & Jackie Bergen, Kiel & Jessica Beehler, Maximilian & Katie Maile, Victoria Bontrager, Deborah & Jaedon Schaefer) Platinum
James Kizer Brick
Vicki Endress Memorial (Don & Ruth Osborne) Library Supporter
Bertsch Family Foundation Platinum





Greenwood School 50 Department of Instruction (Cathy Chalmers, Rex Coates, Lori Cothern, Amy Hildenbrand, Beth Massey, Patty Nichles, Beth  Taylor, Doris Watson, Shirley) in memory of                Ellen Marie Young

Pfleiderer Charitable Trust  Platinum 
Johnson & Johnson (DePuy) Gold
Patricia Lenke Bronze
Kosciusko County Community Foundation Gold
Anonymous Silver
Bertsch Family Foundation Platinum

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