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My Life as a RatMy Life as a Rat

My Life as a Rat follows Violet Rue Kerrigan, a young woman who looks back upon her life in exile from her family following her testimony, at age twelve, concerning what she knew to be the racist murder of an African-American boy by her older brothers. In a succession of vividly recalled episodes Violet contemplates the circumstances of her life as the initially beloved youngest child of seven Kerrigan children who inadvertently "informs' in her brothers, setting into motion their arrests and convictions and her own long estrangement.

The Peculiar PigThe Peculiar Pig

Penny the puppy, puzzled by why she is different from the piglets she is raised with, uses her ear-splitting growls to chase away a snake that threatens her family.

Love and F1rst SightLove and F1rst Sight

Sixteen-year-old blind teen Will Porter undergoes an experimental surgery that enables him to see for the first time, all while navigating a new school, new friends, and a crush..


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This Savage Song

by Victoria Schwab

Are you looking for a unique book? Look no further than This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab! The story is set in Verity, a city divided by a fear of the monsters that prowl the streets. A power-hungry aristocrat runs one side, while a man who wants to do right by his people protects the other. Kate is the daughter of the aristocrat and August is the son of the protector. Afraid it’s a Romeo and Juliet retelling? Well it’s not.

Kate and August each have reasons for their loyalties.

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