Print, Scan, Fax, or Copy


We are having intermittent technical difficulties with PrinterOn.  If you need something printed, you can email it to the Reference Desk at

PrinterOn PrinterOn Instructions

                  3D Printing


Equipment Fees

(upper level)

B&W: $ .10/page   COLOR: $ .25/page

Computer Printers

B&W: $ .10/page   COLOR: $ .25/page

Poster Printer

B&W: $ .50/foot     COLOR:  $1.00/foot
(always rounding up to nearest foot)

Microfilm/fiche Printer

$ .10/page


Faxing Services
Available at the Circulation Desk on the lower level

Fax - Outgoing

$.50 per page - Fax service ends 30 minutes prior to closing.

Fax - Incoming

$.10 per page



Scanning Services
available at the Reference Desk on the upper level


Free:  Documents may be scanned as PDF or JPEG and emailed to the document holder. 


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