Library Card

Getting a Library Card (Library Card Policy)

Residents - WCPL cards are available free to all persons living in or owning property in Wayne Township or within the city limits of Warsaw.  To obtain a card you must be at least 5 years old and show proof of residence. 

  • Proof can be a drivers license,

  • or anything that shows your street address, such as a rent receipt or a bill that you have received at the residence -- not a post office box . 

Once residency has been verified, a library card application form needs to be filled out for each person requesting a card. Once issued, resident cards need to be renewed annually.

Agencies/Business - Library cards are free to businesses or institutions in Wayne Township, although the cards do need to be renewed annually.  Agency/business cards can be obtained by bringing into the library a letter on company stationary stating that the agency/business would like a card.  The letter should indicate:

  • Who at the agency/business the library should mail/email notices in care of;

  • And the letter needs to be signed by the agency/business president, owner, or manager.

Non-Residents - Library cards are available for a fee to persons not living in or owning property in Wayne Township or the city limits of Warsaw; these cards may be purchased for either a 3 month or 12 month period.

Non-Resident Students - Library cards are free to students (5 years of age through college) students living in the Warsaw Community Schools service area.  It doesn't matter if the student attends public school, private school, home schooled, or a college located in our school district.  Parents/guardians proof of address will be verified that the student is living in the school district -- they no longer have to bring their student ID or a letter from the school administrator.  If a student is attending the Warsaw Community School system while living outside the district, they must present proof of current enrollment in the school (letter from the school administrator dated within the past 60 days, a school photo ID card, or the most current grade card).  Cards are valid for one year and must be renewed annually.

PLAC - The Public Library Access Card (PLAC) is the name for the statewide library card, enacted by (Indiana Code 4-23-7.1-5.1). The PLAC program allows an individual to borrow materials directly from any public library in Indiana. Books and non-book materials are eligible for loan through the PLAC program, but at least books that normally circulate must be available for loan. An individual who holds a valid public library card, who is in good-standing at his/her home library, may obtain a PLAC.

A nonresident of a public library district may obtain a PLAC at any public library since that person has no home library. A nonresident will be required to purchase a Non-Resident Card before he/she purchases a PLAC. The PLAC expires one year from the date of application for the card.  The fee for a PLAC in 2019 is $65.00. (complete PLAC policy)

Check Out Limits For Materials **


How many

How long

Fiction / Non-Fiction Books

50 books

21 days

New Fiction / Special / Holiday Books

10 books

7 days

Magazines / Pamphlets

10 items

21 days

Cassettes / CDs

10 items

21 days


10 VHS titles

7 days


10 DVD titles

7 days

Computer Software

10 Items

21 days

Video Games

5 Item

7 days

Adult Kits

1 item

7 days

*   Youth cardholders can check out videos/ DVDs only from the Youth collections and the Adult Nonfiction collections.
** For a complete list of all materials/equipment loan policies, please check our Materials Loan policy.

Fines & Fees ***

Lending Material Fees

Inter-Library Loan material fines

$1.00 per day/per item

Lost / Damaged Materials

Partial or full fee will be charged & a processing fee of $5.00

Accounts with fees or printing charges of $1.00 or more will not be allowed to use the computers or borrow materials until the fees are paid.

*** Please check our Fines & Fees Policy for more information. 

  • Accounts over $25.00 will be turned over to a materials collection agency, and a processing fee will be charged.

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