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                  3D Printing


Equipment Fees

(upper level)

B&W: $ .10/page   COLOR: $ .25/page

Computer Printers

B&W: $ .10/page   COLOR: $ .25/page

Poster Printer

B&W: $ .50/foot     COLOR:  $1.00/foot
(always rounding up to nearest foot)

Microfilm/fiche Printer

$ .10/page


Faxing Services
Available at the Circulation Desk on the lower level

Fax - Outgoing

$.50 per page - Fax service ends 30 minutes prior to closing.

Fax - Incoming

$.10 per page



Scanning Services
available at the Reference Desk on the upper level


Free:  Documents may be scanned as PDF or JPEG and emailed to the document holder. 


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