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eAudiobooks for SRP

eAudiobooks for SRP

There's only one month left to log pages/minutes for summer reading! But what if you're on vacation but still want to read? Check out eAudiobooks from Libby or Hoopla! Listening to eAudiobooks in the car is a fantastic way to count reading pages for the entire family! (Don't know the page count of the eAudiobook you're listening to? Don't worry! You can also count how many minutes you spend reading!) You can check out eMaterials anywhere you have internet connection - no need to be at the library or even in Warsaw.

There are numerous eAudiobooks to checkout on both Libby and Hoopla. Everything from children's titles like Wings of Fire and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, to young adult books such as Harry Potter and Eragon - all these are available through the library! (And don't forget! Harry Potter eAudiobooks are ALWAYS available from Hoopla! There are never any wait lists!) And adults, we haven't forgotten you either! Your favorite eAudiobooks are available through Libby or Hoopla as well! Check out titles in the Bridgerton series, the latest James Patterson, or even some great non-fiction titles like the new Viola David biography.

So whatever you enjoy reading, check out Libby or Hoopla if you need some last minute vacation listening! You just might find a new favorite way to read!

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