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Feel Good Books

Feel Good Books

In a world that is rapidly changing, we as people need positivity to keep us going. Below are a few new books on the bestseller list that are sure to help us maintain a positive attitude.

 “Out of Many, One” by George W Bush brings together full-color portraits of men and women who have immigrated to the United States, alongside inspiring stories of the unique ways all of them are pursuing the American Dream.

President Bush captures their faces and stories in striking detail, bringing depth to understanding who immigrants are, the challenges they face on their paths to citizenship, and the lessons they can teach us about our country's character.

 ‘Everything will be okay” by Dana Perino is a no-nonsense how-to guide to life for young women looking to reframe their thinking, to believe in themselves, to take risks, to understand their power. To feel better overall through finding serenity and taking action.

“Greenlights”, by Matthew McConaughey is an eccentric memoir filled with wild stories, outlaw wisdom, and lessons learned the hard way about living with satisfaction. He shares how to have fun. How to hurt people less and how to hurt less. Through his journeys, we learn how to be a good human and have meaning in life. When you know how to deal with trials in life and embrace the inevitable you can enjoy a state of success that McConaughey calls “Catching Greenlights”

 Hero code by William H McRaven is a ringing tribute to the real, everyday heroes McRaven has met over the years, from battlefields to hospitals to college campuses, who are doing their part to save the world.  The Hero Code is not a cypher, a puzzle, or a secret message. It is a code of conduct; lessons in virtues that can become the foundations of our character as we build a life worthy of honor and respect.

“World Travel” by Anthony Bourdain is a guide to some of the world's most fascinating places. In World Travel, a life of experience is collected into an entertaining, practical, and fun travel guide that introduces some of Bourdain’s favorite places. Supplementing Bourdain's words are a handful of essays by friends, colleagues, and family. For veteran travelers, armchair enthusiasts, and those in between, “World Travel “offers a chance to experience the world like Anthony Bourdain, and we should experience the world as he did.

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