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Check out these DVD titles

Warsaw Community Public Library can be certain to have most of the new DVD film releases, below are a review of some of the latest movies that have recently arrived.

“Captain Marvel”, Vers (Brie Larson) is a Kree warrior sent to defend her civilization from the shape-shifting aliens known as Skrulls. Captured in combat, she escapes – only to find herself on mid-1990s Earth, a planet she is shocked to discover she has visited before. Teaming up with SHIELD agent Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), she fights to stop a Skrull invasion attempt, while working to rediscover her true identity.

 Brie Larson is a great casting choice to play Danvers/Captain Marvel.  She has an air of power with a soft femininity underneath and a sarcastic wit that helps lighten the mood of the serious, action film.

Carol Danvers, first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1968 as a United States Air Force pilot.

“Dumbo” is a quirky movie, one where a band of misfits get pulled into a world of corporate entertainment only to rebel against insensitive commercialization. It is a bold strategy for a Disney film.

There is an offbeat sense of humor and visual quaintness to the film that works with the standard heartwarming family element. A film that hits you in the heart. Dumbo is less a character than he is a symbol; He is a symbol for every person, who feels like he/she do not belong. Dumbo is an enjoyable remake, a movie that sets its ambitions low and doesn’t quite soar but rises above expectations with modest success.

“Five Feet Apart” stars Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse in a love story about two teens with Cystic Fibrosis who are unable to get within six feet of each other. They both help each other stay on their medication and end up falling in love, which proves problematic given the distance they must stay apart.

Haley Lu Richardson as Stella gives a strong lead performance. She is the strongest part of the film. Cole Sprouse as Will and Moises Arias as Poe also deliver solid supporting performances. Sprouse and Richardson have strong chemistry together. They are likable and make the film work.

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