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WCPL's eBook Blog

Flu Review - Ghost Hunter's Daughter by Dan Poblocki

Claire is a middle school aged girl who has lost her mother.  Her father is a professional ghost hunter whom she hardly ever sees.  She is staying with her Aunt, a kind loving person,…

Will you still use eBooks?

Exciting News! The Library will be opening back up to the public on June 15!

If you hadn't used our digital collections before the closure, what did you think?  Isn't it astounding how many…

Is there such a thing as Reading Too Much?

As things change yet again during these crazy times, here's an important question: How many books have YOU read during the last month and a half (let's say from March 16-May 4)?  If you set a yearly goal, did you just…

When Reading is a Drag

Have you ever gotten stuck in a terrible book, but feel like you're not allowed to put it down?

Maybe the book had been recommended by someone near and dear, and raved about by all your reader friends, but you just HATE it?  Do you wonder if you are alone? 

The answer is, NO!…

Special Quarantine Book Review-The Casual Vacancy

Yes, this book is by J.K. Rowling, no it is nothing like the Harry Potter Series. If you have read any books under her pseudonym, Robert Galbraith,…

Don't be Intimidated!

Are you looking for a specific book on OverDrive and see it has EIGHTY HOLDS?

Don't be intimidated! That number is for ALL of the Indiana consortium! WCPL buys copies specifically for our patrons, therefore…

Special Quarantine Book Review-Evvie Drake Starts Over


Break free of quarantine (without actually breaking any rules) and travel to a small town in Maine for the charming book, Evvie Drake Starts Over, by Linda Holmes, available on OverDrive/Libby!

Books vs. eBooks

Are you a strong believer in holding a physical book? Do you like feeling the paper as you turn the page and smelling that wonderful book scent? Do you feel disloyal to your library if you use an eBook?

While we can't argue with the magic of holding the physical copy of a book, we can lay to rest the fear that eBooks don't…

Go anywhere. Learn anything. Read every day.

We have talked a lot about Libby and our other reading/listening/watching e-platforms, but did you know we also have great online resources for studying, learning languages, resume building, product research,…

Are you Depressed by New Year's Resolutions?

Do you set New Year's Resolutions? From eating less sugar, to budgeting better, to exercising more, there are many resolutions that can be set.  But who actually succeeds and follows through on these vague resolutions? It's like we are…

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