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Spring is here! (maybe?)

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Spring is technically here, but it may not feel like it.  Are you waiting in suspense for the rains to fall and the buds to sprout?  Looking forward to the time when the trees are covered in flowers and the smell of fish permeates the air…

More Online Content!


We've talked about hoopla, freegal, and OverDrive, but have you heard of RBdigital? RBdigital is yet another online platform that has many, many eAudiobooks and eBooks to choose from, along with free access to Acorn tv-shows/movies, Indie Flix, lectures by professors,…

Have you heard about Freegal?

One of the library's best kept secrets is Freegal, a music download platform.  Did you know you can download (to own!) 5 songs a week with your library card through Freegal? That's…

Did you get a tablet for Christmas?


The Holiday season has ended and I'm guessing many of you received a tablet, phone, or eReader for Christmas!  Are you having trouble figuring out how to work it or where to get free content?  Come to the Library and we can…

Have you tried hoopla?


Are you aware that OverDrive is not the only place you can access content online?  Hoopla is another fantastic app that allows you to download thousands of eAudiobooks, eBooks, movies, tv shows, and music!  You will need…

OverDrive Magazines

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 Did you know OverDrive now has magazines that you can borrow for…

Have you tried OverDrive's Big Library Read?

Have you tried OverDrive's Big Library Read?  Their pick this time around is The Girl with the Red Balloon by Katherine Locke.  The Big Library Read gives a chance for all OverDrive users to checkout the same eBook with no holds or wait lists--think of it as a giant book club! Tell your friends to check it out and then discuss it with them while reading or after completion.  Simply go to…

When Words Fail

hiding face

I find myself struggling to pull any thoughts from my weary brain as I sit here and stare blankly at the computer.  What do people want to read in an eBook blog?  In an age when attention spans seem to be shortening and social media devours online time,…

A Fantastic Way to End your Summer (or begin the school year)

SummerThe Summer Reading Program is finished and a new school year is about to begin.  What are your goals for when the kids head back to school?  Will you have a little more downtime to read, or is there a lot of catching up you need to do around the house or at work? Try checking…

Looking for your next book?

We are right in the middle of the Summer Reading Program at the Warsaw Community Public Library and there are so many books to read! There is only a month left to earn your prizes, so get cracking!  Are you struggling to pick your next book?  Read the following book review by a staff member and get swept up in the mystery.

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