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Flu Review - The Rose Code by Kate Quinn

Are you a fan of The Crown? Did you love watching The Imitation Game? Are British novels your cup of tea? Then The Rose Code could be the book of your dreams.

Set in WWII London, the story follows the lives of three women who are recruited to work at Bletchley Park, where men and women race to crack the German’s Enigma code. The women of our story: Osla, Mab, and Beth, come from different backgrounds, but they soon develop a strong friendship since all the members of Bletchley Park (BP) are sworn to the highest level of secrecy. Osla, a debutante, wants to rise above people seeing her as a rich girl. Though her status does allow her to meet and date Prince Philip of Greece (the future husband of Queen Elizabeth). Mab, a poor girl from Shoreditch, would do anything to leave poverty behind and she jumps at the chance to work for the war effort. Beth, a mousy girl, lives with an abusive mother and distant father. She wants nothing to do with the war, but with Osla and Mab living at Beth’s house, they drag her into the ranks of BP where she shines as a code breaking star.

The story intertwines between the women working at BP during the War, and 1947 where the ladies are trying to crack a new code which will reveal the identity of a Soviet spy who worked at BP. The book is a thrill to read and a mystery to solve. Just when you think you know what is happening, the author throws in a new surprise. This is one book you do not want to miss and you won’t be able to put down.


By Erica

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