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Flu Review - Instant Karma

Did you read Marissa Meyer’s Lunar chronicles and fall in love? Have you been anxiously awaiting every.single.thing she writes? You’re not alone! For anyone familiar with Young Adult sci-fi and fairy tale re-tellings, Meyer is a giant in the field. In her latest novel, however, she takes a step away from science fiction and instead writes a Young Adult romantic comedy with only a few sci-fi elements. If you’re anything like me, at this point, feel free to lower your expectations.

“Instant Karma” tells the story of overachieving high school student Prudence Daniels. Constantly judging those she deems “lazy”, “rude”, or “arrogant”, Prudence is amazed to suddenly find herself with the magical ability to dispense “instant karma” and punish anyone for their perceived wrongdoings! From making a conceited classmate lose an earring, to breaking the leg of a protestor writing graffiti on a billboard, Pru holds no punches! The only problem is that she can’t seem to enact cosmic justice on the one person she feels REALLY deserves it - her no-good, lazy lab partner, Quint.

However, after having to re-do a group project at the local animal rescue center with Quint over the summer, Pru discovers that maybe he isn’t as lazy and selfish as she originally thought. In fact, maybe she was wrong in judging so many other people without really understanding their motives or perspectives. 

This book is a fun read that might help self-centered teens realize that most stories have more than one side, and judging others before understanding them can cause a lot of problems. The writing quality is good, although the “instant karma” motif was underutilized and a little weak at times. Overall, I’d give this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.


By Anna

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