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WCPL's eBook Blog

WCPL's eBook Blog

Flu Review - Instant Karma

Did you read Marissa Meyer’s Lunar chronicles and fall in love? Have you been anxiously awaiting every.single.thing she writes? You’re not alone! For anyone familiar with Young Adult sci-fi and…

Flu Review - Rutherford Park by Elizabeth Cooke

The Cavendish family is the pillar of strength for the surrounding territory but every giant has weaknesses too.  Lady Cavendish is at a time in her life when she has more questions than answers. …

Flu Review - Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith

Ida is a young woman in the 1940s.  She longs to fly, just like her father.  However, in her world, women do not fly.  Especially black women.  As she gains the courage…

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