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Flu Review - "About Your Father and Other Celebrities I Have Known" by Peggy Rowe


     If you’ve ever heard of the TV show, “Dirty Jobs”, you’ve heard of the son of this author.  Mike Rowe, a TV and internet fixture, is not the funniest person in his family.  Mike would even tell you so.  That honor goes to his mom, Peggy, the author of two books which were published after she reached the age of 80.  This is the second of those books.  You might also want to try her first book, a memoir called “About My Mother: True Stories of a Horse-Crazy Daughter and her Baseball-Obsessed Mother”.   This little gem became a New York Times Best Seller in 2018, and is available at our library as both a printed book and as an e-audio. 

     This is a book about Peggy and her husband, with their three boys on the periphery.  Well, Mike is pretty prominently featured.   Some of the chapters are previously published articles and included are  letters to Mike and his “little Facebook friends”, as Peggy calls them.   Her stories are fantastic.  Her humor can be a bit edgy, which you don’t expect from a sweet old lady, but never mean or crass. 

     One of my favorite tales recounts the time John and Peggy became stars of not just one, but three paper towel commercials with Mike.  You may have seen them.  The cover of the book comes from one of those days in Hollywood , and is worth noting.  Peggy regales us with stories of make-up artists, rented houses and a Hollywood soundstage, and having a butt double.  That must be the life.

     I highly recommend this book.  I think I’ll buy a copy and give it as a gift to my mom, who’s a few years older than Mrs. Rowe.  It’s that good!

By Amy

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