Flu Review - Again, Again by E. Lockhart

Looking for a unique Young Adult book full of heart that’s sure to make you think? Look no further than Again Again by E. Lockhart.

This is the story of Adelaide Buchwald, but it’s not just one story about her. E. Lockhart takes hold of the multiverse theory and demonstrates how one situation in Adelaide’s life could have played out many different ways in many different worlds.  The writing style takes a beat to get used to, but I strongly encourage that you push through, the payoff is worth it.

Once you find out more of Adelaide’s background, your heart-strings are sure to be pulled.  The theme of Again Again may seem to be romance, but that is deceptive.  I would say the book is more about forgiveness, healing, the importance of family, and finding your individuality.  There are so many wise and thoughtful moments in it that have lingered long after I finished the last chapter.  I’d recommend it to those who like unique reads and discussions on family, relationships, addiction, and mental health.


By Michelle

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