Special Quarantine Book Review - Mystery, Suspense, and the Purple People Eaters

If you want a roller coaster ride of a thriller, this is your book! Chock full of conspiracy theories, adventures, hijinks, car chases and more, Masterminds by Gordon Korman will appeal to anyone who enjoys suspense and action stories. While geared towards middle grade readers, this book is nevertheless a fantastic read for all ages! As an adult, I devoured this series and read all three books in a matter of days. If you like James Patterson or are a fan of Stranger Things, check out Masterminds on Hoopla today! (Plus the rest of the series…but you know, start with the first one!)

Twelve year old Eli Frieden has never left his small town of Serenity, New Mexico…and why would he want to? It is a literal paradise on Earth. All his friends live there, everybody has a nice house, there is zero crime and zero unemployment, and the town has everything a kid could want – swimming pools, playgrounds, water polo, a traffic cone factory, I mean the list goes on and on!

One fateful day Eli and his friends decide to go on a bike ride to the edge of the city…and wake up the next week in a hospital! All Eli can remember are some crazy buzzing noises and a horrible electrical zapping. With the adults in his life refusing to give him straight answers, Eli and his friends decide to take matters into their own hands to discover what is really going on in Serenity, NM – and they have lots of questions. Why are their parents lying to them about what happened to Eli on the bike ride? Is someone trying to kill them? Why does the internet break at the most inconvenient times? Is Eli adopted?

With all these burning questions swimming around in their minds, Eli and his friends trip into some unexpected information that may connect the tiny carefree town of Serenity with some of the biggest criminal masterminds the world has ever seen. Is anybody safe? Who can they trust? And most of all, what should they do about the information they are discovering?


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