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Are you Depressed by New Year's Resolutions?

Do you set New Year's Resolutions? From eating less sugar, to budgeting better, to exercising more, there are many resolutions that can be set.  But who actually succeeds and follows through on these vague resolutions? It's like we are setting ourselves up for failure. 

Want to feel good about yourself? Try setting a goal that's very specific and achievable, then make a plan on how you will reach it!  Don't shoot for the stars, shoot for a place you can actually get to. Maybe the next branch up in a tree, or the next town over (to continue the metaphor). 

One very specific goal you can set is to read a certain amount of books (this is a library blog, of course we are suggesting book related goals!).  Yes, you could say in the year, but let's divide it down into smaller increments of time so we know how to achieve this goal.  You could set a goal to read 1 book a week, or 1 book a month. Think about what you already do, and don't set a goal that's drastically higher than that. If you normally read one book every 3 months, just up it to one book every 2 months. Then figure out when you will work on reading these books. Will you set aside 15 minutes before bed to read? Will you choose to read on your lunch break instead of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram? Will you listen to a book while running, or listen while you commute?  Make setting resolutions less depressing by creating goals you can achieve with plans to help you get there.

Comment below with your ACHIEVABLE New Year's Resolution!  If it has to do with books, let us help you reach your goal by recommending awesome reads.  We also have thousands of eBooks and eAudiobooks online for you to download and enjoy. Click HERE to see the list of additions to Overdrive in December! Happy reading!

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