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Libby and Holds

Reading eBooks and listening to eAudiobooks is easier than ever! Have you switched from the old OverDrive app to Libby?  Libby is a lot more user-friendly and makes your browsing experience more enjoyable. You can search and download all in one place and don't have to hassle with multiple sign-ins!

However, both apps are rolling out some changes for how they do holds in early 2020.  They will not automatically check holds out to you once they become available. Here is how they will do things in their own words:

"Libby notifications (coming soon) will alert users when their holds become available. We will also add a “Notifications” section to your OverDrive website and the OverDrive app. After receiving notification that a hold is available, users can:
  1. Borrow the title within 3 days. If your library has a different hold pick-up setting, OverDrive will automatically update it to 3 days.
  2. Suspend the hold and pass the book to the next person in line. After the suspension period (set by the user), the hold will be redelivered when the next copy is available.
  3. Cancel the hold."

We wanted you to be aware of what's coming so that you can make sure to snag your hold once they switch over in 2020. We'll try to keep you updated if any other changes arise before/when this rolls out. 

This new hold system should help the people who decide they don't actually have time for the book RIGHT NOW (that's definitely been me!), but might in 3 weeks. That way they can just pass the book and then be the next in line after the person they passed it too.

We hope this change makes the holds list go a bit faster as well!  

In the mean time, we have added many books to Libby/OverDrive in the last month, see the list HERE.

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