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New Summer Films currently available

Here are some great new movies available at the Warsaw Community Public Library.

“The Invisible Man” is unbearably tense, thematically rich and is a fresh take on a 123-year-old story. The film proves an old classic can get dusted off to be a completely relevant and timely thriller for a new generation.

When Cecilia's (Elisabeth Moss) abusive ex Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), a brilliant scientist specializing in optics, takes his own life and leaves her his fortune (under certain conditions), she goes with the flow, little suspecting the ordeal that awaits her. Is she crazy?

The film “Fantasy Island” is a heck of a lot of fun. When a group of attractive young guests is invited to the island by Mr. Roarke (Michael Pena), they initially think it's a dream come true. In this take on the concept, the island's guests won their trip in a promotional contest and will get their wish fulfilled during their visit. They arrive with a healthy amount of skepticism: Some want something shallow; others are looking for deep and emotional.

In the film “Underwater” Kristen Stewart plays Norah, a mechanical engineer working in an oil rig on the ocean floor. She enjoys about 30 seconds of calm at the beginning of the film, and then all hell breaks loose. Parts of the underwater structure begin to implode, and she scrambles to safety with a small gang of survivors.

They're constantly speculating about whether it was an earthquake that damaged the station, and I don't think it's too much of a spoiler to reveal that definitely wasn't an earthquake. This deep-sea action is more or less the same as a space movie, but murkier. The thrills get a little repetitive in this claustrophobic environment, but it effectively keeps the tension high, and the monster-filled intensity almost never lets up.

“Bloodshot” is a film based on a comic book superhero. Vin Diesel plays a noble marine killed in action who is recharged back to life using some remarkable bio-technology developed by an ambitious rogue scientist (Guy Pearce). It is a tremendous, unusual action pic with amazing visual effects. Worth a see.


Come to the library and pick up one of the above films or another one of your liking.

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