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Ebooks to read while social distancing

Below I have shared some interesting and entertaining reads


For those who remember the unsolved Burger Chef Murders that took place in 1978 in Speedway Indiana near Indianapolis there is  eBook "The Burger Chef Murders in Indiana" by Julie Young. Young does an excellent job of setting the scene and does not attempt to solve the crime four decades later. She brings the case to life and made the most comprehensive outline of what is actually known about the tragic murders of the four young teenage workers. The facts are these 4 young people were abducted from their work and later found murdered. No one has ever been arrested or convicted for their deaths. It's a dark yet fascinating story.


"Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women" by Kate Moore,

In the early twentieth century one of the best jobs young girls and women in America could have involved something exciting and brand new: radium. Sparkling, glowing, and beautiful, radium was also, according to the companies that employed these young women, completely harmless. A century later the truth about radium and its assorted isotopes is all too well known. In The Radium Girls Kate Moore tells the story of these young women, seemingly so fortunate, who were poisoned by the jobs they felt so lucky to have.

"Boredom busters: loads of exciting kids' projects that will banish boredom"  by Tommy Donbavan gives tips on keeping children entertained, whether it's a single child or an entire play scheme. The book is full of activities that will keep parents from tearing their hair out.


"The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes" by Gary Rubinstein is a picture book that tells the story of Beatrice  Bottomwell a girl who has never made a mistake, she holds the record of perfection in her town until one day she finally makes a mistake in a very public way.


"Autopsy of a Boring Wife" by Marie-Renee Lavoie tells the hysterically funny and ultimately touching tale of forty-eight-year-old Diane, a woman whose husband leaves her and is having an affair because, he says, she bores him. Diane takes the charge to heart and undertakes an often ribald, highly entertaining journey to restoring trust in herself and others that is at the same time an astute commentary on women and girls, gender differences, and the curious institution of marriage in the twenty-first century. 


If you're interested in any of these titles they are available on Hoopla and Overdrive, a download service we offer our patrons.


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