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What to watch while social distancing

Are you longing for human connection? Or looking to laugh for a few hours? Here are a few movies for every social-distancing mood. 

Harold Ramis’s “Groundhog Day” is a tried and true piece of entertainment. Bill Murray’s cynical newsman travels to a quaint town and gets stuck endlessly reliving the second of February, unable to break out of the loop. It’s not only a fantastic romantic comedy, but also a slyly spiritual tale, a story of self-improvement that isn't preachy.

”Zodiac” is better than any true-crime documentary. Its narrative of the Zodiac Killer’s crimes becomes a reckoning with America’s never-ending obsession with murder. The film gives an intoxicating false belief that every problem—no matter how frightening or unknown—can be solved. It offers a cautionary tale of a government and it’s private citizens arbitrarily coming together in a time of crisis. If you love true crime, you’ll love this.

”Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2” is an underrated Marvel film, In volume 2,  Star-Lord encounters his planetary father and explores the meaning of family and loyalty, making this sequel emotional as well as entertaining.

”Shaun of the Dead” is a film about surviving a zombie apocalypse by quarantining yourself , your friends and family in your favorite pub and having a pint to “wait for all of this to blow over”. This classic is a great laugh.

”Blade Runner”, released in 1982, is set in 2019 Los Angeles. It’s a story about a bounty hunter that tracks robot replicants.The film is set against a neon backdrop of a dystopian city. “Blade Runner 2049” is the sequel if you’d like to spend the day watching sci-fi. Both are gratifying films.


“Queen and Slim” is a recently released film about a couple on a first date that takes an unforeseen turn when the couple is pulled over for a minor traffic violation.This film is an intoxicating lawless lovers-on-the-run romance played out against the politically charged backdrop of racially divided modern America. 


We, at the Warsaw Community Public Library, are hoping everyone is staying healthy, happy and above all safe.

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