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While we are social distancing at home we would like to continue to bring you reviews of books and movies to help give you ideas on what to watch or read while you are home during this trying time.

“Knives out” is an entertaining whodunit film, with eccentric characters and twists and turns. It is about a family, enabled by a wealthy patriarch, who are keenly aware from whence their money comes. Anyone who has been involved in a contentious dispute over an inheritance will have a keen appreciation for the storyline.  This film is an example in that one does not need billions of dollars in special effects to make an excellent movie. All it takes is a smart script with a talented cast. If you're looking for a serious movie, you've come to the wrong place. Think of it as half comedy, half throwback armchair mystery.

“Doctor Sleep” Is the sequel to “The Shining”, which is based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King.  Danny Torrance is grown up and past the murderous events that occurred at the Overlook Hotel. He encounters a girl with the same powers that plagued him as a child. Acting as a guide, he hopes to help her control these gifts. The race to save her from a sinister cult leaves Danny reeling and forces him to face the events that led to the time surrounding his father's death. ‘Doctor Sleep” is smart, thought-provoking and effectively creepy. It contains violent and disturbing content and is not for children.

 Mr. Rogers is a hero; he used compassion, empathy, and courage to change the world one human being at a time. “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” stars Tom Hanks and Matthew Rhys and focuses on Lloyd Vogel’s interview of Mr. Rogers for Esquire magazine. It shows the interest Mr. Rogers took in Vogel, hoping to help him just as he wanted to help others. Hanks is brilliant as Mr. Rogers, embodying his mannerisms and heart, while Rhys portrays Vogel as an everyman dealing with his own emotional baggage. It is an energetic motion picture filled with satisfying vignettes and scenes of heartwarming poignancy that offer a significant message about understanding, acceptance, human dignity, and caring.

Anyone who grew up watching Mr. Rogers will find this film to be heartwarming.  It is is a huge thank you to Fred Rogers who’s legacy and life continues to inspire us to be better humans.

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