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Ebooks to read while social distancing

Below I have shared some interesting and entertaining reads


For those who remember the unsolved Burger Chef Murders that took place in 1978 in Speedway Indiana near Indianapolis there is  eBook "The Burger Chef Murders in Indiana" by Julie Young. Young does an excellent job of setting the scene and does not attempt to solve the crime four decades later. She brings…

Bite me. Book review by Melissa Skinner

BITE ME by Ally Hilfiger is the autobiographical story of her life with lyme disease.  The adult daughter of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, she accounts how she went undiagnosed for approximately 10 years, and the book highlights her health trials before diagnosis and talks about the tried (and mostly failed) treatment options that she sought.  Even though it is primarily about her…

In the Dark book review by Melissa Skinner

If you like chilling mysteries, you might want to check out “In the Dark” by Cara Hunter.
Set in England, this crime novel is about a young woman and small child found locked in the dark basement of a house. The owner/resident is an elderly man, stricken with early stage Alzheimer’s.  It is up to the detectives to find out whether the owner is in fact guilty of…

What to watch while social distancing

Are you longing for human connection? Or looking to laugh for a few hours? Here are a few movies for every social-distancing mood. 

Harold Ramis’s “Groundhog Day” is a tried and true piece of entertainment. Bill Murray’s cynical newsman travels to a quaint town and gets stuck endlessly reliving the second of February, unable to break out of the loop. It’s not only a fantastic romantic…

New Spring Films

While we are social distancing at home we would like to continue to bring you reviews of books and movies to help give you ideas on what to watch or read while you are home during this trying time.

“Knives out” is an entertaining whodunit film, with eccentric characters and twists and turns. It is about a family, enabled by a wealthy patriarch, who are keenly aware from whence their money…

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