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Thanksgiving films

After the Thanksgiving meal, all anyone wants to do is let the tryptophan kick in and relax while they watch mindless hours of pre-programmed holiday movies. Why not curl up on the sofa with one of these Thanksgiving films that remind us to be thankful.

“A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” is one of the best Thanksgiving movies that has withstood the test of time. Charlie Brown and his gang never fail to give us warm fuzzies.

“Blindside” is all about faith, family, and football. It is hard not to get choked up while watching Michael Oher, a homeless 17-year-old, have Thanksgiving dinner for the first time with the Tuohys.

“Garfield’s Thanksgiving”: If there is one thing that Garfield knows how to do, it’s celebrate a holiday that's all about food.

“Paul Blart, Mall Cop”: When a gang of thieves plans a heist at the mall on the night of Black Friday, only one person can take them down a Segway-riding mall cop!

“Free birds” is the perfect family-friendly turkey day film. Two time-traveling turkeys try to head back to the first feast to change the traditional Thanksgiving menu.

“Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” is a classic holiday film. Neal Page (Steve Martin) is trying to make it home to his family in time for Thanksgiving Dinner. After a snowstorm causes his trip to be rerouted, he's forced to seek refuge with Del Griffith (John Candy), the two weather the holiday travel madness together.

“Oath” is a wicked reinvention of the traditional holiday comedy for our divisive political times. In a not-too-distant future, the government decides everybody must take a loyalty pledge on Black Friday, which opens a rift during one family's Thanksgiving dinner.

“Holiday Reunion”: Against the wishes of his wife and kids, Mitch Snider is determined to have a traditional Thanksgiving holiday with the relatives. It looks like that's what he will have once he receives an invitation from his long-lost cousin Woodrow in Idaho. However, cousin Woodrow and his family turn out to be nuttier than a holiday fruitcake.

At the end of the day, there's so much more to this holiday than loading up on all of the yummy comfort food you can get your hands on. It's really an opportunity to spend time with the people you love most.

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