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Don't Miss Another Program at the Library!

Have you missed a program offered by the library that you really wanted to attend?  Here's a solution to make sure that this does not happen to you again. Use the library's EVENT NOTIFICATION SYSTEM!  

Check out the left side of this page.  See the gray navigation bar?  Find "Event Notification".  Click on it and a new page comes up revealing, "Create and modify Email Notification Selection List" with a place to enter your email address.  Go ahead, fill it out and press "continue".  

Now get ready to pick and choose what programs you would like to be notified about from our amazing array of programs types.  Using the pull down menu, select the type of program you are interested in.  You can pick as many program types as you want.  When programs are scheduled you will be notified by email.  If your interests change, you can go through the same process and just click "delete" to remove program types and then make new selections.  

So, go ahead and try it.  Don't miss those one-of-a-kind programs anymore. Use this simple tool provided by us and see your life get simpler. 

Program Calendar Available on www.warsawlibrary.org!

Have you ever wanted to know what programs the library is offering during a month, but the library was closed so you couldn't call to find out?  Or have you forgotten what day and time your club was meeting that month?  Now you can find out all of this information through the WCPL website.  Click on  Events Calendar to gain access to all upcoming meetings and events.

On the Events Calendar if you move the mouse pointer over an entry more information about the program will appear.  It will give the program time, a short program description, the age group that might be most interested in the program, and in which room the program will be held.  If the program requires registration it will indicate if there are openings.