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Located on the main floor of the library, the Cataloging Department is responsible for the acquisitions, cataloging, withdrawing, and physical processing of materials in the Warsaw Community Public Library. 

In addition to its routine cataloging duties, the department provides support in the areas of catalog maintenance as well as authority control. The department is also responsible for physically preparing the materials for usage by the public as well as maintaining the library’s archive collection. 

On the whole the main goal of the Cataloging department is to make new materials available to library customers as quickly as possible.

This is where the labels are added to all materials and the clear protective film is added to the hardback book jackets.

Carts of books and other materials line the wall.  The items in the back of the room are waiting to be cataloged, while the books on the front carts just need to have labels added.  They will soon be ready for the public.

This is the Book Sale Room.  After the Information & Youth Departments decide what books to withdraw from the collection, the Cataloging Dept removes the titles from the system and stores the items here, waiting for the next Book Sale.


(That's a stuffed platypus on the cart in the middle of the room and not a sleeping cat.)