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Have you heard about Freegal?

One of the library's best kept secrets is Freegal, a music download platform.  Did you know you can download (to own!) 5 songs a week with your library card through Freegal? That's 260 songs in a year! Just go to our website (warsawlibrary.org), scroll down until you see the Freegal icon, and follow the link.  You will need your library card to sign in.  They also have an app that you can get for your phone.  Once you download the music through the app, it appears (at least for android) in the phone's music library. Freegal has around 15 million songs!  Their collection includes Sony's music catalog as well as 40,000 music videos!  Some popular artists available are: Prince, Camila Cabell0, Pentatonix, Sara Bareilles, The Piano Guys, Michael Jackson, Train, Pink Floyd and so many more! What will you download today?

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